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Enrolled Participants

Below are educational materials for those who are currently enrolled in the LEAP study.

Drug uptitration.jpeg

Drug Uptitration Infographic

How to safely increase your drug doses

Drug Disposal.jpeg

Unused Drug Disposal

What to do with unused study drugs


Strength and Balance

Building strength and balance one leg at time

Eating out.jpeg

Eating Out

Four keys to healthy eating out


Emotions and You

What kind of eater are you? Click on the link to see


Handling Holidays

Handling Holidays, vacations, and special events

Negative Thoughts.jpeg

Talk Back to Negative Thoughts 

We all have had negative thoughts about our eating and exercise behaviors. Let's defeat the cycle.

Moderate intensity.jpeg

What is Moderate Intensity Aerobic Activity?

Aerobic fitness means increasing how well the body uses oxygen. Click learn more. 

Whats your move.jpeg

What’s your move?

You know you need physical activity to stay healthy. But did you know it can help you feel better right away?

side effects.jpeg

Side Effects

Feeling sick? Click below to learn about the various side effects of Phentermine,.

Mobile Phone

Participant Newsletters

Want to stay informed? Click below to read the participant newsletters.

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